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Painting has become my life,

my creative salvation.


A natural force, a cosmic urge pulsating

beneath the surface of my perception.


Visual stories shrouded in abstract mystery,

expressing emotional truth.



(Poem entitled Painting, for my 2018 solo exhibition at the American Poetry Museum in DC)




        The cathartic act of improvisation plays a central role in my creative process, acting as a release valve for my complex responses to life experience. The refuge I find in expressing the immediacy of the moment provides a safe space for me to nurture my confidence. The energy and excitement of taking artistic risks, applying the paint and media spontaneously, allows for free exploration of the eternal present.


         I express the intensity of my feelings primarily through color and secondarily through stroke. By applying contrasting colors with vigorous strokes and various images of reconfigured media, I strive to cultivate a visual scape that electrically charges the space and viewer experience. It is very important to me that my art generate a continual dialogue with the audience. I always tell people that I want my work to “live” on their walls, meaning that every time a person repeatedly engages with my art they see and feel something new. I want them to connect with and sense the sparks of my creative process.