Richmond, VA based arts organization Art 180 gave me the opportunity

to write In the Moment, the December 2020 entry for their Seen + Heard monthly blog series. I go into my background and what experiences shaped me into the artist that I am today. Click the link below to read my entry. 

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Excerpt from #codedlanguage, my artist talk with author and avant-garde musician Thomas Stanley (aka Bushmeat) during my INNER SPACE solo exhibition at Art of Noize DMV on 2.22.2020. Press link below for complete talk. 

WHUT-TV's (Howard University- PBS) arts and culture program #ARTICO (Art in your community) interviewed me for a segment in their October 2017 episode. My segment is first and lasts about 4 mins. 

Filmmaker Chris Casey's 2018 Documentary about my artistic approach and philosophy.

High School film non profit The Gandhi Brigade created a film called The Paradigm Shifts, about a group of teenagers from the year 2050 who travel back in time to the DMV area of 2019 to see what individuals or groups were sowing the seeds of resistance, leading to a Utopian society in 2050. The students shot and participated in my Painting the Moment intuitive painting workshop at Rhizome DC which is covered in the film. An amazing film! Just click on the video player below.