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AfroAbstraction Workshop Series at Common House

Collaborative project with photographer/film producer Maurice Leoni-Osion 

    I want to sincerely thank Common House No. 2 Richmond VA, and their staff for the opportunity to facilitate my Painting the Moment AfroAbstraction workshop series every Saturday throughout the month of February 2021. Getting the opportunity to encourage free creative exploration, while informing the community of the great legacy of black abstract art was a true honor, and I am very grateful for the participants' enthusiasm during the series! Below are promotions, pictures and video clips of the series. 

IMG-2463 (1).jpg

  Every Saturday during the month of February I will be facilitating a Painting the Moment workshop at Common House in Richmond, VA. In honor of Black History month, I will highlight a black abstract artist during each workshop to expand awareness about black abstraction. This workshop is about free expression so no experience is necessary. 

2.6.21   Jack Whitten 


2.13.21   Chakaia Booker


2.20.21   Alma Thomas

alma thomas.jpg

2.27.21    Norman Lewis 

norman lewis.jpg
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